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By joining BUXJUNCTION You will get your first BJ$5.00 credited to your account..Instantly!

As a free member You will be earning BJ$0.01 for your daily clicks plus BJ$0.005 for each of your referral clicks. We also offer a whopping 5% Referral commission on each upgrade made by your referrals.

You should know, however, that the only money that you are allowed to cashout as a free member is the Referral commission; while You will only be entitled to cashout your/your referrals click earnings as an upgraded FREE members may only use their click earning to advertise or to upgrade their membership as explained here.

Our system has been developed with the professional online marketer in mind and You will only benefit in full by upgrading your membership.

Stick with us and get paid forever; here is how:

To profit with us, you need to buy upgrades in the program. After your purchase have been confirmed, you will need to click some links to earn your daily rebates.

You will keep earning the daily rebates on each upgrade until you have earned 130%, 135% or 140% in BJ$ on Your BJ account; depending on your upgrade level and as long as you stay upgraded.

The daily cashout will depend on the Daily cashout level which is derived from incoming/outgoing fund ratio and the overall performance of BUXJUNCTION.

Our Upgraded members will experience a new, HIGHLY implemented system which differs from other PTC for the professionality and the good ROI offered in such a timeframe. The Daily Sharing Commission level is automatically added to your account from the system and, once requested (min. cashout is $2.00), is paid in a few days.

Please keep in mind that:
  1. The more Money You have on your account, the more You will get paid daily.
  2. You will possibly need to upgrade your account more than once in order to be in profit.
  3. The Daily Sharing Commission level is automatically requested by the system and once that you have more than $2.00 on your account, You can request and get paid in a few days.

  4. We share our profits with You
    Our website is different from other similar websites; with us, you just keep earning rebates on your purchases till you reach the max of 140% on your BJ account on each of them, because the system never runs dry. This way the risk of losing out is next to zero.

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